Mail on Sunday, China, 2014
The Philippines, December 2013
The Philippines, November 2013
Lindsay Sandiford, Kerobokan prison, April 2013
The Times, London
Lindsay Sandiford, Bali
Frontline Baby, Fiji, March 2013
Iraq, Mail on Sunday, 2003
The Times, Rugby World Cup Final
Hello Magazine, UK, 2008
Ghana, Mail on Sunday, 2004
The Guardian, 2001
Sunday Star Times, 2007
Sydney Morning Herald, 2008
Otago Daily Times, 2005
Cambodia, Mail on Sunday, 2004
DQ Autumn campaign 2011
DQ Autumn campaign 2011
DQ, Summer campaign, 2009
DQ, Summer Campaign, 2009
DQ Autumn campaign, 2009
DQ Autumn campaign, 2009
DQ Autumn campaign, 2009
DQ, Autumn campaign, 2009
Ben Griffin poster, 2009

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